Contact Author Source Ok, so you think you are pregnant. First off, congrats if you are indeed pregnant!!! Now, let the tests begin. From a home pregnancy test to the 36 week test for Group B Strep, some of these tests are enjoyable and some not so much. Sonograms, are just one type of test you will have during your pregnancy. A sonogram is an ultrasound exam that uses high-frequency sound waves to scan a woman’s abdomen and pelvic cavity; this procedure creates a picture sonogram of the baby and placenta. However, there are different sonograms given at different times during a pregnancy, and that is what we will be discussing here today in this article.

Prenatal Testing: Ultrasound in Women of Size

A fully updated and expanded version is published in Gentle Birth, Gentle Mothering: When I was pregnant with my first baby in , I decided against having a scan. What influenced me the most was my feeling that I would lose something important as a mother if I allowed someone to test my baby.

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Pregnancy ended in No of children’ [1] at time of interview, twins born since interview. Occupations’ Mother – programme manager, Father – senior change manager. Ethnic background’ White British. The first scan was to check the make-up of the baby – check that there was a heartbeat, check that their arms, legs, head and measure the length of the baby from crown to rump really.

So that was what the first scan was for – a basic sort of check really – and I was told that they’re limited in what actually, if there is any abnormalities with the baby at that stage, they’re very limited about what they can actually find, it’s not really till the week scan where they’ll pick up most things, especially congenital deficiencies. The nuchal scan, we were given a leaflet, sent a leaflet by the hospital before we attended.

My husband and I both attended the scan.


The pregnancy dating scan – NHS Can i have a dating scan at 6 weeks, coming soon in unisex If it can be seen it should be beating from between beats per minute. Are unsure about the date of their last normal menstrual period. In some respects the seven week ultrasound can be quite accurate because the embryo is developing very quickly.

Deciding to be induced means having all the information to make the best choice for you and your baby. This article can help you decide to induce or not.

What will you do with your scan photos? When will I have my dating scan? You’ll have a dating scan, also known as a week scan between about 10 weeks and 14 weeks of pregnancy. You’ll only have a scan before this, between six weeks and 10 weeks, if you’ve experienced bleeding , pain, or problems in a previous pregnancy Miscarriage Association nd. You’ll also be able to have an earlier scan if you’ve had recurrent miscarriages NICE How accurate are dating scans?

A dating scan is the best way to predict your due date PHE The point of the scan is to work out how many weeks pregnant you are. You may have calculated the length of your pregnancy from the first day of your last menstrual period LMP.

12 Week Scan: It’s Time For Your Scan, Here’s What To Expect

Having a scan in the first few weeks of pregnancy can be thrilling. It’s wonderful to see the little blob with a heartbeat that will become your baby. Usually two scans are done during the first trimester. A dating and viability scan, between six and nine weeks and an early morphology scan or NT scan between 11 and 13 weeks. Why do I need a dating and viability ultrasound scan?

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Use the first day of the last menstrual period to calculate the due date. The quick way to do it in your head is to count backwards 3 months from the first day of the LMP, then add 7 days. The second trimester is from weeks until 28 weeks. The third trimester is from 28 weeks until delivery. The mother has had a previous Cesarean delivery but has now delivered vaginally. A cut made with surgical scissors from the opening of the vagina straight back toward the rectum just before the birth.

The cut is made from the vaginal opening at an angle more toward the leg than straight back. It used to be taught that it was better to cut an episiotomy than allow a tear, but in the last 25 years all the research in OB literature has shown that lacerations are usually not as large as episiotomies, heal faster than episiotomies, and are less painful than episiotomies. A first degree laceration 1E is minor and does not involve muscle.

how often should i go for Ultrasound Scan for my baby

Had my 12 week dating scan today and all was well with the baby but the sonographer said it was slightly small for dates but nothing to worry about- 42 mm instead of 45 mm which is the minimum size expected for dates 42mm is I mean. Means I have to go back in 2 and a half weeks for another dating scan and NT test. Really wanted to start telling people this weekend but feel in limbo now Anyone else had this?

There are two routine scans in pregnancy and the first is called the week scan or “dating” scan – this is because one of the things it looks at is the exact gestation, giving a better idea of your baby’s estimated due date.

M Mpreggo I was behind at 20w. When I went back at 25 everything was perfect. My friend was measuring 4w behind from her 20th something week onwards. When they did the ultrasound she was measuring spot on in the ultrasound. She gave birth in April to a healthy 7pd little lady. Hopefully this reassures you a bit: I’m 28 weeks along and measuring 32! Dr didn’t seem worried.

We have a growth scan ultrasound scheduled for 32 weeks anyway as I am considered old

Dating scans

It’s taken us 2. Is there any chance you dating scan 6 weeks be less than 8 weeks pregnant. Register to join the discussion, get discounts and more. Came back 14 days later and it looks as though one sac has developed now can see yolk sac and other sac had not developed. I am sorry to hear about your story – I never realised missed miscarriage was so common.

“A couple of years ago, I started organizing my digital photos the way you showed in your naming scanned photos post, instead of by subject, etc. I’m just now .

Your baby is in a breech or other unusual position. You have a narrow pelvis. Your baby is much bigger than normal, a condition known as macrosomia. Risk factors for macrosomia include having type 1 or type 2 diabetes before pregnancy and gestational diabetes. Or you might simply be carrying a big, perfectly healthy baby. See all pregnancy videos Why might I be measuring “small for gestational age”?

Measuring small for gestational age means your fundal height is more than 3 centimeters smaller than expected for your stage of pregnancy. Your provider may order an ultrasound to confirm your due date, in case you’re not as far along as you thought, and to rule out problems such as intrauterine growth restriction and too little amniotic fluid. Your fundal measurement might be on the small side if you have a small stature or well-conditioned abdominal muscles. It could also indicate that your baby has dropped into your pelvis.

MY BIRTH STORY: Induction at 37 Weeks (Small Baby and Preeclampsia Scare)

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